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                            Ode to 'Thalassa' ( Sea in greek) 


 On the Greek island one gets connected to that place of inner stillness, wholeness and well being. This work is a celebration of what the Mediterranean , the Aegean Sea has imparted to me.

I believe there is often a healing agenda to what we subconsciously are drawn to . There are expressions of line, shape, color, pattern and symbolism's repeating in your work as ways of processing and resolving inner wounding. You are drawn to and are expressing that which represents what you're working to resolve and what you're reaching towards...and also that which embodies those sacred moments of connecting with beauty, love and an energy greater than the physical world around you. 

This is reflected in the kinetic energy and motion, translucency of colors and the symbolism's of circular, spiraling and spherically expanding forms in my current work.



                                                               Current available Art work - price list on request.

                                                                      (please click once on the image for a full view)


                                                 Some work from 'Elements of Nature' exhibitions ( All Sold )

  Work on "Elements of Nature", communicating my intuitive, emotional and spiritual responses to the various
    multidimensional elements seen and felt in nature

coastal inspirations 

H  Some mixed media work from 'Tree Poetry ' Exhibition (Kalk Bay, Cape Town 2018 - Sold out)

EXHIB 052_edited.jpg
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