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I believe there's a different life to live to the one that a secular, artificial system of a man made world and it's material, self focused values promotes. A simpler and truer life. One of living in gracious harmony with the immense natural world and with a life force greater than ourselves. An authentic life where spiritual and humanitarian values take priority, which might mean walking a road less traveled upstream from the masses. This life of authenticity will be reflected in your creative expressions and recognized / resonated with by those with similar values. 


I was forever sketching as a child, without any encouragement or instruction, it was an irresistible urge in me. As long there was a surface to draw on, even if it happened to be a school table... it would get sketches of faces or patterns of nature embellished on it - a fascination with the human condition and a connecting with the natural world which continued on into adulthood.

I formally began exploring my creative awareness at the 'Art Ballet Drama & Music' school in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1984 where I graduated with distinctions in Fine art: Painting and Graphic design, but consciously decided not to pursue further formal art education, preferring evolving creatively on a more intuitive individual level.

I chose the route of self representation , staying out of the "Art world " - the gallery route as a whole and the pretentious snob value associated with the art scene did not/does not resonate with me.

I also don't resonate with the whole promoting of self in the prevalent self-obsessive ego epidemic of the modern age.

The quality or relevance of an artists work should not be measured by an impressive C.V based on how hard they have worked at self promotion and/or in what social Art circles they have mixed in. Nor by extension by how much exposure/online presence one might have worked to have (and how many “friends" one has found or bought)

Many factors go into an artist reaching a level of "success" in the Art industry which at times has less to do with the quality of art work produced than all the above factors. I believe ones Art should be evaluated and valued entirely on it's own merits.

If one so chooses, one need not be part of the system to have the pleasure of ones work being valued need only follow ones inner moral compass and be true to yourself.





























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